Prince Purple Rain

A captivating show that will take you back to the '80s with the unforgettable hits of The Artist

Stage11 is dedicating a thrilling tribute to Prince, the peerless icon and artist who for decades revolutionised and influenced the pop-rock music with his wide-ranging talent.

Prince Purple Rain is a complete musical experience, an original and authentic production that allows audiences to relive the eclectic style and passion of one of the greatest performers of all time.

Stage11’s creative intensity brings to the spotlight the music, the costumes, the extravagance, and the eclecticism of the Minneapolis genius, faithfully reproduced to make way for an unforgettable audience journey, through the unique mix of soul, black music, pop and funk characterising the immortal Prince.

An artist who will long continue to resonate with audiences because he was not only a bold and daring musical innovator, but also a fearless advocate and challenger of societal boundaries.


Tech sheet

Band / 4
Choir / 3
Singer / 1
Length / 80 min.
Production / Jan 2017




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